Margaret, East Meadow

Tue, 17 Dec 2019

Debbie provided outstanding service to me in the past so I contacted her right away when I decided to sell. Debbie was always available to answer questions or handle concerns about the sale. She was readily available by phone or email and consistently provided me with updates about the open houses or prospective buyers. I truly appreciated Debbie's patience in this listing as there were several bumps in the road. She remained steadfast in seeing it through and was always helpful and available when needed. She handled every aspect of this sale with professionalism and I would highly recommend her.

Donna Bishop

Fri, 16 Jun 2017

I would recommend Debbie because she listens to her clients wishes and keeps it real. She trully works for you.

Ken Sergiacomi oakdale, new york

Wed, 25 Feb 2015

Debbie is my daughter. She was handled sell and buy in 2010 and sell and buy in 2015. If she could not execute alpha omega, daughter or not, I would not have contracted with her. The importance of issue dictates. Debbie did it all. She also executed my son's purchase, her brother.

Kenneth t. Sergiacomi. 2426 Wilshire Lane. Oakdale , NYC 11769

Sun, 18 Jan 2015

Debbie Rooney transacted both ends this sale. Further, she executed both ends of my first sale and purchase. Based on her first performance it made it easy for me to use her again. Debbie made me hold the line on ask for price versus the actual. She really responsibly negotiated the correct, good sale price. Debbie is my daughter. Notwithstanding, she was objective, energized and participated further in my prospective destination home as well. She is "street wise" and quick to react to prospective buyers and agents as well. I remained in background as I did in my first sale w Debbie 5 years ago. She performed no more or less for me as I've perceived her in other client situations. She is consistently conscientious. I only dealt with one other position at 21. That was her appointment girl who very promptly executed communications often three way conversation. She never left "things" hanging. I would and do recommend her to people I know. If she was marginal it would have stopped with my first transaction.

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